(Video) Jahliel Palmer defeated Cole Farsaci with an arm snapping submission

Cage Wars 52 featured a clash between Jahliel Palmer and Cole Farsaci . Both came into it relatively inexperienced.

Palmer had only one loss under his belt  – Farsaci was a complete newbie. This perhaps explains why he let the submission go that far.

Palmer previously appeared on Cage Wars 48 – where he earned his first loss. But nothing could’ve prepared the athletes in the cage nor the audience for what would transpire.

In round 1, Palmer started guard passing Jahliel Palmer’s legs. The attempt severely backfired once Palmer got the hang of Farsaci’s arm and applied the kimura hold. Kimura is an incredibly effective way of controlling your opponent and can also serve as a submission.

Farsaci defended at first by keeping his arm straight. Palmer attempted to sweep but nothing came of it.  But once Farsaci bent his arm Palmer folded it like it was paper. While the kimura hold requires a 90 degree angle to work in the best possible manner – Palmer managed to brute force it.

The sounds that the shoulder joint produced on it’s way to being broken were eerie. THe commentators faces really said it all.

Farsaci as devastated and in pain despite not tapping. Palmer was quick to celebrate his victory.

Some commenters criticized the ref after the fact.

 “Lmao the guy at the end, Terrible job by the ref though”

But even in amateur bouts the ref isn’t supposed to step in until an athlete submits either by tapping or verbally.

“He fully deserved that…ample opportunity to tap” another commenter weighed in.

“There’s mistakes in 90s/00s MMA but the whole real men tap thing was pretty good.”

This is particularly interesting to spotlight considering UFC 274 will be featuring Tony Ferguson – a prominent follower of the don’t tap movement.