(Video) Instant classic: Poirier submits Michael Chandler in one of the best events of all time – full fight video highlights

Whatever happens in the main event of UFC 281, people will be happy because Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier went to war, all for their entertaiment.

Early on in Round 1, Poirier had a slow start and was starting to be touched up by Chandler. He was even wobbled rather badly in round 1. However Chandler opted to go for a takedown when Poirier was wobbled. Poirier recovered and ended up dropping Chandler in Round 1 – and if round 1 would’ve lasted a little longer Chandler would’ve been done for good.

However in round 2, it was all Michael Chandler. Early on Chandler got a takedown on Poirier. Then he kept Poirier locked up on the ground and was landing a number of shots to the back of the head of Poirier. If this wasn’t such a high profile bout in UFC – he might’ve even been disqualified.

Poirier also notably complained that Chandler was fish hooking him to get the sub in this round, Chandler had made an attempt to crank Poirier’s head back to get under the chin.

Then came round 3. Chandler wasn’t as energetic heading into round 3. Majority of MMA insiders had it as 19-19 on twitter. But after a takedown from Chandler, Poirier ended up reversing. Unlike Chandler, he was systematic. Locked in a body triangle and slowly worked on setting up the finish. POirier’s arm was right under the chin and he got the tap.

“Hey, Mike! I was scared to fight you. It was coming from a healthy spot. Without fear, there is no bravery.” – Poirier told chandler afterwards.