(Video) Inside Conor McGregor’s Grueling Movie Makeup Process That Took 3 Hours a Day

Irish MMA icon Conor McGregor is recently making waves as he confirms his long-awaited return. After a hiatus of nearly three years, McGregor has been actively involved in his Hollywood debut.

Having kept himself busy during his time away from the octagon, McGregor’s presence in the entertainment industry has been eagerly anticipated. His involvement in the remake of the 1989 classic ‘Road House’ has garnered significant attention. In the movie, McGregor plays the role of the antagonist Knox.

Inside Conor McGregor’s Grueling Movie Makeup Process That Took 3 Hours a Day

McGregor’s portrayal of Knox in the modern adaptation of ‘Road House’ has stirred excitement among fans and critics alike. The movie not only revitalizes a timeless narrative but also seamlessly incorporates elements of the UFC into its storyline.

McGregor had previously made an appearance at the UFC 285 press conference and event, when the protagonist’s backstory was filmed by the producers. This intersection of the UFC world with Hollywood further fueled anticipation for McGregor’s cinematic debut.

It was previously reported that Conor McGregor was expected to get the biggest salary for a first-time actor. The MMA star said he would make more money than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who made $5.5 million for his big-screen debut in ‘The Mummy Returns (2001)’.

Hair and makeup artist Flora Moody recently shared a behind-the-scenes video from the movie on her Instagram. The video showed the significant labor that went into creating McGregor’s appearance. Conor’s tattoos were to be covered up and then replaced with new ones for the film, which would have read Knox.


Notably, it took two whole hours to do the entire process. Also, Conor had to remain motionless the entire time. The crew thus made use of Hyperice’s Normatec legs, which let McGregor continue to move even while he was still.

Even while it may not seem like a big problem, you have to understand that McGregor would begin his days with this procedure and then shoot. This sometimes meant working eighteen hours a day.