(Video) Insane Liver shot K.O. Floors MMA Fighter

At ONE’s most recent event “ONE Bad Blood” a particular finish caught the attention of fight fans.

In the second round of their fight, ONE FC fighter Daniel Willians was able to score a liver shot knockout over his opponent Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke.


A body shot K.O. is not only rare, but is also a beautiful technique to see, but how does it work?


The liver is one of our vital organs. Also, it is one of the few organs that are not completely protected by the ribcage or the abdominal muscles.

That means that when you get hit in the liver, your organ is actually absorbing most of the impact of the blow.

That causes excruciating pain. The liver shot is one of the few things that can make a professional fighter give up fighting due to how painful it is.

To make matters worse for the receiver of the blow, the liver functions as a filter for toxins in the body.

So, when hit with force, the liver releases both the toxins and a very large amount of blood, which causes a shock to the organism.

That’s why it usually takes a second for fighters to react to the liver shot.