(Video) Influencer challenges former UFC champ Luke Rockhold to deliver a liver kick

Former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold showcased his devastating striking skills in a recent encounter with content creator Houston Jones. The liver-kicking episode left Jones writhing in pain, providing a firsthand experience of the intensity of strikes in combat sports.

The liver, a crucial organ with vital functions like detoxification and metabolism, becomes a prime target in boxing and mixed martial arts due to its sensitivity and abundant nerves. Powerful liver shots, delivered through punches or knees, often result in decisive finishes, causing athletes to drop from the excruciating pain.

In a unique twist, content creator Houston Jones sought to understand the impact of a liver shot firsthand. Opting for a professional athlete rather than a mere practitioner, he approached Luke Rockhold, the former UFC middleweight champion renowned for his striking prowess.

Typically, encounters with professional athletes involve controlled strikes for entertainment purposes. However, Jones was determined to experience the genuine impact. He explicitly asked Rockhold not to hold back, a request the seasoned UFC vet agreed to.

With arms raised to expose his rib cage, Jones braced for the impending strike. Rockhold, after a brief warm-up, unleashed a brutal left kick directly onto Jones’ rib cage. The force of the kick sent Jones sprawling to the ground, offering a visceral demonstration of the agony induced by a well-executed liver shot.

Clearly in pain, Jones sat clutching his right side rib cage, signaling the effectiveness of Rockhold’s strike. Although he assured Rockhold he was fine, Jones’s heavy and uncontrollable breathing betrayed the intensity of the experience. The video swiftly gained viral status across various social media platforms.

Houston Jones, known for his content centered around pain challenges, previously enlisted UFC star Stephen Thompson for a leg-kicking experiment. Thompson, like Rockhold, delivered unrelenting kicks, resulting in Jones’s thigh turning visibly reddish.

Luke Rockhold’s unapologetic liver kick to content creator Houston Jones serves as a compelling testament to the raw power and pain inherent in combat sports strikes.