(Video) Guy gets faceplanted in first round of MMA bout

In a recent clash within the realm of mixed martial arts, spectators were treated to a jaw-dropping knockout that left an indelible mark. The fierce encounter concluded with an MMA contender on the receiving end of a powerful punch, resulting in a face-plant onto the canvas.

The spotlight was on Mexico-based MMA promotion Budo Sento Championship, as it hosted the high-impact event, BSC 16. The exhilarating showdown unfolded on August 11 in the vibrant city of Mexico City. The card showcased an array of seasoned athletes and emerging talents, all of whom delivered an electrifying spectacle within the octagon.

Among the night’s exceptional moments, the spotlight shone brightly on the clash between Christian Alquinga and Marco Pardo, who engaged in a pulsating light heavyweight bout as the co-main event. These two warriors exchanged ferocious blows, igniting a fierce battle that kept viewers at the edge of their seats.

From the moment the opening horn resonated, the intensity was palpable, with both competitors launching into an all-out assault. The contest remained in a delicate balance, and determining a frontrunner was challenging due to the closely matched performance. However, a little over a minute into the initial round, the momentum shifted dramatically. Christian Alquinga, displaying impressive prowess, unleashed a devastating left hand that found its target on Marco Pardo’s visage.



The impact of this formidable punch had an instant and profound effect, rendering Pardo unconscious. As his awareness faded, his equilibrium faltered, leading to a face-first plunge onto the canvas. Notably, the force of the blow even caused a rebounding effect, resulting in Pardo’s head bouncing. Responding swiftly to the incapacitated state of Pardo, the referee intervened, raising his hands to signal the end of the contest. The visceral impact of this brutal knockout reverberated through the arena, eliciting synchronized cheers from the audience.

Curiously, despite the jarring impact and loss of consciousness, Pardo attempted to rise, presumably thinking the bout was ongoing. However, the sheer intensity of dizziness thwarted his efforts, causing him to slump back onto the canvas. Recognizing the critical nature of the situation, the medical team promptly entered the cage to assess Pardo’s condition.

While still relatively new to the professional mixed martial arts scene, Christian Alquinga showcased his raw potential with this awe-inspiring victory. Emerging onto the scene in 2020, the Ecuadorian fighter has swiftly garnered a record of 5 wins and 1 loss in his pro career. The single setback occurred in 2021 against Rodrigo Caporal.

The resounding impact of Alquinga’s knockout serves as a stark reminder of the thrilling, unpredictable nature of MMA, where an unexpected twist can reshape the trajectory of a contest within the blink of an eye.