(Video) Groin shot of the year? Fighter carried away on a stretcher

During FEN 39, a fighter suffered a major low blow that rendered him unable to continue in the bout.

Brazilian Matheus Pereira faced Poland’s Lukasz Charzewski in a lightweight bout. The fight ended in the second round after Lukasz landed a hard knee straight to Pereira’s groin. Łukasz “Harry” Charzewski holds a professional record of 10 wins and 1 loss- he fights out of Kamienna Góra, Poland. Matheus “Pelezinho” Pereira has a record consisting of 11 wins and 5 losses.

The low blow was so impactful that the Brazilian was not able to continue, and had to leave the cage carried in a stretcher. The fight was declared a “no contest” and no one was declared a winner after the fight ended in a non-intentional foul.

In the video, Charzewski gives a post-fight interview while his opponent is seen rolling on the ground in pain. Charzewski appeared convinced his opponent was faking it – however the sound on the replay left many convinced.

The event was happening this Saturday, March 12.

The card will be headlined by Kacper Formela who will face Nicolae Hantea for the FEN Featherweight Championship. Take a look at the extreme shot that rendered Pereira unable to continue:


The original headline was supposed to be a Heavyweight title fight between the FEN champion Oli Thompson against the challenger Michał Andryszak. However, the president of the promotion Paweł Jóźwiak reported that Andryszak fell ill just moments before the event, and the fight needed to be called off.