(Video) Grappler gets smacked, brawl ensues at ADCC open

ADCC is akin to an Olympic games in jiu-jitsu however ADCC also organizes a series of ‘Open’ type competitions. During one such event a mass brawl broke out after some questionable behavior from the competitors.

ADCC 2022 happens this weekend and will feature all of the biggest names in grappling.

The video of the brawl shows a match between Jeferson Guaresi and Freeman. After Guaresi gets stricken by his opponent crowd interferes and things get heated.

The ADCC world champion Gordon Ryan recently announced a big sponsorship for the upcoming ADCC.

Ryan will be sponsored by none other than the biggest podcaster in the world, Joe Rogan. The podcaster will also be the official sponsor for 2022’s ADCC. Gordon Ryan was previously living in New Jersey but with the pandemic first moved to Puerto Ricco and subsequently left for Texas.

ADCC 2022 is the equivalent of jiu jitsu Olympics – with the event having been postponed for a year due to the pandemic. In addition to the geopolitical situation, jiujitsu fans are also very curious about Gordon Ryan’s much anticipated clash with arch nemesis Andre Galvao in the fall out from their own slapping incident.

Besides Galvao, Ryan is also expected to grapple Felipe Pena – the only grappler to have beat him in the recent years.

Rogan and Gordon have a pretty good relationship with Rogan having helped Gordon to get a handle on his stomach issues that have kept him from competing professionally during long breaks. Rogan is a BJJ blackbelt under Eddie Bravo and is a very big fan of the sport in fact some might say he’s the biggest positive influence in the sport today.

In an attempt to promote the event Gordon went on Joe Rogan Experience along with ADCC promoter Mo Jassim.