(Video) Floyd Mayweather tells his corner Logan Paul was hard to hit

During their lucrative 2021 exhibition match, Floyd Mayweather was supposed to dominate Logan Paul, but that didn’t happen.

The match lasted full eight rounds. Paul came out on top with far more respect than when he started.

Mayweather was obviously going for the knockout in the last round. However, when it didn’t happen, he sounded defeated in the post-fight interview.

After the fight, a video of what was said in each fighter’s corner during the first round surfaced.

In the first clip after first round, Paul’s coach said: “If he can’t get in, he can’t…”

Paul responded by finishing the sentence: “…win.”

The trainer added: “You won that round. You won that f***ing round, but you didn’t win the fight. We got seven more.”

Over in Floyd Mayweather’s corner, his coach told him: “Hit him at the top of the forehead with a jab, just step off your back foot.”

Surprisingly, Mayweather admitted: “It’s hard to hit him with the jab.”

The match was intriguing because of Paul’s physical advantage and the fact that he was 18 years younger.

In all eight rounds, Mayweather tried 14 jabs. However, only seven of them were successful. On the other hand, Paul could only land 7 jabs out of the 73 he attempted. The difference in competence and skill between them became apparent in this situation.

Even though this match happened last summer, the rivalry is still alive. The boxing legend maintains that Logan Paul has been paid, despite Paul’s insistence that Mayweather owes him money from the ‘legalised bank robbery.’

In response to a question about the amount by which he was shortchanged, Paul said in a recent interview: “My guess is between two and five mill, conservatively.

“This will be settled, I’m young, dude and I’ve got time, I’ve got f***ing time to troll, to settle a civil lawsuit – he’s just a big spender, he can’t spend like that.”

“That is a fact. Short a few mil. We’re taking this one to court. See you in the courtroom. Congrats on going to prison, Floyd.”

When Mayweather’s management asked Paul whether he would be willing to fight Mayweather in a rematch earlier this year, the narrative intensified. Paul found it incomprehensible that they would ask.

Paul said: “He went on a press conference or something the other day and he had the audacity to tell the media that I asked for a rematch. Let me just set the record straight – why the f*** would I ask for a rematch with someone who doesn’t pay you for the fight?”

“I get called a month-and-a-half before because some s*** happened with his opponent and they go ‘would you want to fight Floyd in a month-and-a-half?’ This is someone on his team, or someone who at least thinks they could get the deal done enough to make a confidential phone call. I go ‘bro, what? Pay me for the first f***ing fight,’ and hung up.”