(Video) Floyd Mayweather delivers ice cold stare after Football fan trolls him

Floyd Mayweather was trolled during a college football game, and his expression instantly shifted from being calm and relaxed.

When a fan saw Floyd watching the college game from a box, he warned Floyd that he would knock him out.

The video was uploaded by RuthlessRich to his TikTok account and reposted by Michael Benson on Twitter. The fan shouted at him twice, “Floyd, Floyd.”

He was able to get Mayweather’s attention with his yells, and the boxer turned to look at the fan and even grinned. But as soon as he threatened to knock him out by saying, “I would knock you out,” things changed. Floyd’s grin vanished, and a horrified expression formed on his face.

The fan kept filming Floyd’s menacing look. Commentators even made fun of Mayweather Jr. for his quick shift in expression.

Some of the comments were:

“Floyd looked ready to jump down there and smartly outbox him behind a perfect philly shell 😤”

“Sucka move. Floyd wit his kid and on top of that dude talking real tough walking away real fast 🤦🏽‍♂️”

Floyd Mayweather recently said that his next exhibition would take place in England in February, although the exact date is still uncertain. Mayweather had a 50-0 record when he retired from boxing. He stated that because he had never competed in the UK, it would be a good opportunity to have a match there.

Mayweather told The Sunday Telegraph:

“A bout is planned in the UK for 2023. In February we’re looking forward to coming here and putting on an exhibition for the fans in the UK, because I’ve never had a chance to come over here”

” so hopefully in February I’ll come over and do an exhibition if it’s possible.”