(Video) Five of the most unhinged interviews of all time featuring combat sports athletes

n the realm of combat sports, athletes are known not only for their prowess in the ring but also for their uncensored, sometimes controversial, interviews. These moments capture raw emotion, unfiltered thoughts, and sometimes, downright bizarre statements. Here, we delve into five of the most unforgettable interviews that have left audiences stunned.

Mike Tyson wants to eat Lenox Lewis’ kids:

Mike Tyson’s interviews have often been a rollercoaster of emotions, from poignant reflections to jaw-dropping threats. In one instance, Tyson shocked the world when he threatened to cannibalize Lennox Lewis’s children during a live TV interview. His words sent chills down the spine of viewers, showcasing the intensity and unpredictability of the boxing legend.

David Haye claims title fight will be as “one-sided as a gang r–e”

David Haye is no stranger to stirring up controversy, and his interview prior to his world heavyweight title fight with Audley Harrison was no exception. Haye’s comparison of the bout to being “one-sided as a gang r–e” sparked outrage and debate within the combat sports community, highlighting the fine line between confidence and disrespect in pre-fight rhetoric.

Tito Ortiz’s Peculiar Confession:

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is known for his brash demeanor and off-the-cuff remarks. However, in a particularly bizarre interview, Ortiz made a startling declaration about his desire to outlive his own children. This unusual statement left many scratching their heads, showcasing Ortiz’s unique brand of trash talk.

Mike Tyson’s Lonely Reflections:

In a rare moment of vulnerability, Mike Tyson opened up about the loneliness he experienced in the world of boxing. His candid admission about the isolation he felt, coupled with personal struggles, painted a poignant picture of the darker side of the sport. Tyson’s interview served as a reminder of the toll that fame and success can take on mental health.

Kron Gracie thinks we’re living on an eye:

Mixed martial artist Kron Gracie raised eyebrows when he expressed his belief in the flat Earth theory during an interview. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, Gracie stood by his convictions, citing doubts and skepticism about conventional knowledge.