(Video) Fitness influencer tries to claim gym goer is racist for not wanting to be in her video

A personal trainer and fitness influencer has drawn criticism for labeling a lady who moved out of the way of her camera during a gym shoot as “racist.”

Fitness celebrity and personal trainer Alejandra Muro uploaded a video of herself working out at the gym on TikTok on February 7.

While recording in gyms is a common practice among fitness enthusiasts, a woman sharing the gym space with Muro expressed dissatisfaction at being unintentionally featured in the video. In response, she decided to relocate to another section of the gym to avoid the camera.

Muro’s video was accompanied by a caption that fueled the controversy: “POV you have haters at the gym. They don’t want to see me win. Say NO to racism.”

This statement not only triggered a wave of criticism but also drew the attention of fellow fitness influencer Joey Swoll.

Joey Swoll is a boby builder and fitness influencer known for advocating good gym etiquette. He released a viral response video criticizing Muro’s accusation of racism.

Swoll argued that the woman was merely exercising her right to privacy by moving away from the camera’s view. He criticised Muro by saying that the woman was not comfortable with being in the video and therefore moved away.

Swoll asserted: “This woman is not a hater. She’s there first, working out, minding her own business, and you come along and set your tripod up with her directly in the background of your video. She has every right to be frustrated and not want to be in your video. …and then you go and you call her ‘racist’ for this? Seriously? I hope this gym sees this and kicks your a*s out.”

In response to Swoll’s critique, Muro shared her side of the story. She claimed that the woman had ongoing issues with her, irrespective of the filming situation.

She said: “It wasn’t the first time that, no matter what I did, it was so unpleasing to her…every single time I see her, she seems disturbed by me.

“I believe that I pay for my membership, and as an online personal trainer, unfortunately, just because the gym is public, people are gonna pass by. …my heart and my motive wasn’t like, ‘Let me record her. Let me be close to her.'”

Attempting to address the controversy, Muro posted an apology video. However, the delivery of her apology drew criticism, as she played loud piano music that drowned out her words. Viewers deemed the apology “disingenuous.”

As the social media storm rages on, it remains unclear if Muro has faced any repercussions from her gym due to the backlash surrounding the viral video.