(Video) First time UFC announcer Bruce Buffer actually flubbed on the mic

The usually unflappable Bruce Buffer, the iconic voice of the UFC, had a rare misstep on the mic at UFC 301, leaving many in attendance and watching at home scratching their heads.

During the highly anticipated result read for a bout between Anthony Smith and Vitor Petrino, Buffer stumbled over his words, making the mistake of initially declaring Petrino the winner.

The mistake, however rare, was a notable deviation from Buffer’s typical precision and poise. The veteran announcer, known for his energetic and charismatic introductions, has been a fixture of the UFC since 1996. His signature phrases, including the iconic “IT’S TIIIIIME!” have become an integral part of the UFC experience.

The error occurred as Buffer was introducing the winner of Anthony Smith vs Vitor Petrino. , Anthony Smith score da stunning submission victory over in the evening’s main event. Smith, a formidable light heavyweight contender, capitalized on the momentum, securing a quick and impressive win that left the crowd in awe.

In the aftermath of the event, Buffer’s mistake became the subject of much discussion among fans and pundits alike. While some joked about the usually reliable announcer’s rare slip-up, others praised Smith’s performance.

Buffer’s mistake notwithstanding, UFC 301 proved to be an evening to remember, with a string of exciting matches that left fans on the edge of their seats.

As for Buffer, he can take comfort in knowing that even the most seasoned professionals can have an off-moment. After all, it’s a rare mistake from an announcer who has been a pillar of consistency in the UFC for over two decades. As the UFC continues to grow and evolve, Buffer remains an integral part of the organization’s fabric, and his occasional misstep only serves as a reminder of his humanity.

In the end, it was Anthony Smith’s impressive victory that stole the show, but Buffer’s rare mistake will undoubtedly be remembered as a humorous footnote in the annals of UFC history.