(Video) Fighters look like Bambi on ice with the canvas so slippery they slide all over the place

Youthful nature of MMA as a sport sometimes means that younger and smaller promotions have to compromise on production value – and sometimes the state of the cage even greatly affects the outcome.

Overnight Nick Piccininni and Shawn Gustafson had a fight that somewhat resembled the infamous scene from the Disney film Bambi.

The dedicated fighters were at a loss for how to maintain balance on a canvas that was clearly far too slippery for a professional bout.

Piccininni and Gustafson met at Xtreme Fight Night 381. Piccininni is a longtime wrestler that had gone pro back in 2021. Piccininni had two victories in the promotion prior to the Gustafson bout.

Piccininni ultimately won which makes him 3-0 at the start of his MMA career.


But all things considered could be worse – negligence when setting up the cage had caused one fighter in a different promotion to get scalped basically, earlier last year.

Boone had the misfortune of having his head split open thanks to a faulty cage during Martial Combat League 3 event.

Boone appeared to have taken the catastrophic injury in stride and was seen in good spirits following the incident. However many who witnessed the event are displeased with how the organization is dealing with the injury. For disturbing images of injury go to the original post. 


The promotion has since released a statement on the incident:

“We’re not sure how or why concerns were brought up about us not taking care of the injured athlete, this certainly is not the case. We take required action and secure proper coverage to make certain qualified injuries occurred are covered prior to every event we promote,.”