MMA Fighter Had His Head Split Wide Open During Amateur Fight

MMA Fighter Hunter Boone had some seriously bad luck. The so called “Alpha Wolf” was 28 years old at the time of the amateur bout that severely impacted his health.

Boone had his 4th amateur fight on the 12th of February during a Martial Combat League 3 event. He was fighting another amateur Jordan Brown. The fight went on to end after only 17 seconds in round one. Boone had earned a giant laceration thanks to the cage and had basically scalped himself.

In spite of the severe injury – Boone was in good spirits as he was carted out.

According to the fighter himself the fight had ended via “Ref/Doc stoppage due to improper padding/inspections,”.

We should warn you there are graphic images ahead. For the benefit of the viewer we’ve reduced and blurred images – but you can view the uncensored ones if you click to enlarge the images below.

According to a commenter present on scene:

“Improper padding and inspection. There were two exposed screws/brackets between the cage and cage door and his head hit them during a takedown about 5 seconds in.”

His coach Jason Greer posted:

“A few seconds after the bell rung Hunter and his opponent spun into the cage,” Greer said in a post on Facebook as he tried to describe what went down. “His opponent had a collar tie and as they hit the fence Hunter’s head slammed into the gate resulting in Hunter suffering a 20 centimeter gash across the front of his hairline from the left to the right, down the right side and towards the back basically scalping him. It knocked him unconscious immediately but he had regained consciousness before he hit the ground. Knowing he had just received a fight ending blow he started scrambling from the cocoon with the idea of a triangle. Fighting for the win against all odds! I had no idea in the moment what had even happened after the ref stopped the fight and immediately called for the Doctor.”


Hunter’s teammate expressed extreme displeasure at the way the promotion had reacted to the injury:

“Let’s break this down!!!” Dalton wrote on Facebook. “Fighter Hunter Boone signs, trains, makes weight, goes to fight and gets taken down in the first 10 seconds only to hit an exposed metal bracket on the cage and sustain injury that will change him forever.. and the promotion acts like it’s not their problem??? @martialcombatleague. Also announces it as a win for the opponent… someone call judge Judy. Heal up fast”

The promotion has since released a statement on the incident:


“We’d like to address the incident that occurred during a fight at last nights event. We understand and appreciate everyone’s concern on what happened and our hearts are with the individual who was injured in this incident. We were in just as much shock as anyone when this ocurred. We assembled our cage no differently than we have for each of our previous events. IT is our understanding that  the sanctioning commission of the event inspected the cage prior to the show. No issues with the cage were brought to our attention by the sanctioning commission. There was a very unfortunate event that occurred during a takedown near the door of our cage. How the injury occurred is still undetermined and there was no clear sign as undetermined and there was no clear sign as to what or why this injury took place. After the cage was cleared of the incident, our cage was fully inspected by multiple individuals of the sanctioning commission and our cage was deemed necessary to continue. We don’t have an answer as to why this injury occurred and we’re, without a doubt, extremely sorry to the individual who suffered this injury.

“We’re not sure how or why concerns were brought up about us not taking care of the injured athlete, this certainly is not the case. We take required action and secure proper coverage to make certain qualified injuries occurred are covered prior to every event we promote,.

“And again, our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with the individual involved in this incident,” They concluded.

Hunter’s opponent thanked his teammates for the support and wished him a swift recovery:

“In regards to the win, I didn’t like how I got the win so ILL BE BACK AT IT MARCH 26th. I wish nothing but the best recovery to my opponent. All love ✊??”