(Video) Fans mock epic car self defense fail

There’s something in the water this time of year. This time last year, Commander Dale Brown of DUST became a world wide celebrity thanks to his infamously bad self defense tips.

Another influencer has taken over his schtick and come up with a stunningly bad take on self defense.

This lady cheekily clad in a faux Kevlar west with Police strewn over it had some peculiar advice in case an intruder was choking you from the back seat of your car.

In a series of videos that have been dueted with millions of times, the lady proposes the following tactic.

Once a person is starting to choke you with rope from the back, you insert two fingers (with mighty big nails if we might add) between the rope and your own neck.

At which point you focus on your very own seatbelt which you then take and loop through the gap you’ve created while your assailant observes confused.

Not to mention that her strategy relies on a trick of flipping your car seat down – which has been phased out of millions of cars by this point.

And if that wasn’t enough the technique was then texted by a jokester demonstrating said design flaw in this epic fail of a self defense strategy.