(Video) Fans in denial about Andrew Tate’s kickboxing credentials

Andrew Tate became an overnight sensation on social media for his divisive, contentious viewpoints that sometimes verge on sexism. However, Tate maintains that these recordings have been taken out of context.

The kickboxer was recently arrested in Romania as well. Prior to his arrest, he was once again trending on social media for his unusual altercation with Greta Thunberg.

When his parents divorced, Tate moved from America and started training with Amir Subasic at the Storm Gym in his hometown of Luton. He claims to have a flawless record in amateur and professional mixed martial arts, a kickboxing record of 43-9, and a victory against prospective UFC star Luke Barnatt.

Has Andrew Tate done MMA?

Yes, Andrew Tate was a mediocre kickboxer. He won 76 of his 85 bouts. However, only 23 of those wins were by way of knockout. Additionally, he has two victories and a loss in mixed martial arts.

At the kickboxing competition “Enfusion 3: Trial of the Gladiators” in 2012, Franci Graj defeated Andrew Tate in a match. In the battle, Graj delivers a vicious knee to Tate’s head.

Tate’s situation was made worse by the fact that the bout ended in a knockout in the first round. Tate had taken a number of strikes to the head before being knocked out.

During an interview with The Fellas podcast, Tate claimed that he had only ever been knocked out once in his professional career. However, Scott Gibson knocked him out in the first round in a 2007 match early in his career.

Gibson and Tate fought in April 2007 for the British light-heavyweight title. Tate was beaten in the fourth round by an overhand right.