(Video) “Evil Charles Oliveira” – Fans response to Do Bronx having to face Volkanovski next

Charles Oliveira has been pretty chill as a champion of UFC’s highest profile division. Not only was he amicable to Islam Makhachev in passing but he was also quite game despite the fact he was basically stripped and forced into this match up.

But one match up he’s particularly scorched Earth about – is the one against UFC featherweight champion Alex Volkanovski. Volkanovski is the official backup for UFC 280 main event and has been granted next title shot by Dana White as the pound for pound champion of the UFC.

Oliveira wasn’t too fond of this particular challenge and told media:


“First of all, we’re going to focus on what happens [at UFC 280],” Oliveira told reporters through his translator at the UFC 280 media day.

“My timing is to actually fight in Brazil afterwards. If we’re going to make this happen with Volkanovski, we’re going to fight in two weight divisions. I can fight [in Australia] in February but for his belt. I have a great team to get down to 145.”

Fans then took it in stride and ‘sauced up the response a bit’ with the viral video calling as far as calling Volkanovski a goblin f*ck.

“Yes. He says Islam has his attention right now because that is a very important fight and he will not overlook his opponent. However, after that happens, he has no problem showing that goblin f*ck exactly where he does not belong. If you speak my name, you will pay the price. Not only will I fight them, but I will fight them in February in Brazil and it will be for his title.”

“He will surrender his money, his winning streak, his Pay-Per-View points, and his b*tches. And I will send him to fight heavily on the regional circuit. For the rest of his career. Thank you. He asked for the date for the Australia Card as well.”