(Video) Fan goes viral claiming Jake Paul punched himself in the head during Fury bout

Jake Paul may have lost to Tommy Fury in their recent boxing match in Saudi Arabia, but he certainly left an impression.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer’s transition to the boxing ring was met with skepticism, but he impressed many with his boxing ability against a formidable opponent.

However, the bout also had some less flattering moments, including an alleged comical self-inflicted blow to the head. Let’s break down the good, the bad, and the ugly of Jake Paul’s performance.

Despite the loss, Jake Paul demonstrated some impressive boxing technique. His footwork was excellent, allowing him to move in and out of range quickly and land some solid shots on Fury. Paul’s hand speed was also impressive, as he repeatedly caught Fury off guard with quick jabs and hooks. He even managed to knock Fury down in the final round, earning respect from his once-bitter rival.


While there was much to like about Paul’s technique, there were also some clumsy moments in the ring.

In one particularly awkward moment, Paul appeared to punch himself in the head while trying to land a shot on Fury.

Did he actually punch himself?

If you carefully examine the segment the answer becomes apparent.

The two also ended up in a clinch several times throughout the event, prompting the referee to address the issue with Paul personally. These moments showed that Paul still has some work to do to refine his skills as a boxer.


Ultimately, Jake Paul lost to Tommy Fury via split decision, marking his first defeat as a professional boxer. While he put up a good front, he had excuses to reel off after the loss.

However, fans might’ve jumped the gun when it comes to ridicule.

Despite the ugly moments, Paul has stated that he plans to use the loss as fuel to improve his boxing skills and come back stronger in future matches.