(Video) Fan edit roasts Cormier for falling for a fake UFC payout report

MMA icon and pundit Daniel Cormier is getting roasted for falling for a fake UFC payout report. Cormier was conducting an analysis of the UFC London event when he read out a bunch of made-up payouts for the show, believing that they were real.

Cormier was hosting the “DC & RC Show”, where he was discussing the ‘Paddy Pimblett vs Jordan Levitt’ . He saw that Paddy supposedly made $700k for the bout, and was surprised how high he was getting paid despite having just a couple of UFC bouts under his belt.

The former multi-time world champion commented on Paddy’s success, saying that this is why he’s willing to compete against anyone who wants to step up to him.

The only problem is that DC was reading a fake infographic, made by MMA writer Jack Slack.

It is a known fact that the UFC doesn’t release information about their payouts. This is due to the matter being a subject of criticism. However, there are several misleading news sites that publish fake numbers for clicks.

So the writer made a fake one as a meme to mock anyone who believes this type of info.

It seems like Cormier didn’t bother reading that it was specifically stated at the bottom of the image: “The UFC doesn’t release payouts” and “These infographics are always bulls**t”.

Slack shared an edit with the whole infographic displayed at the end of it.

The responses to it on social media are all taunting Cormier’s coverage.

One user commented: “Yeah DC just shows up and wings it, he never does any research.”

Another called Slack the “Edmond Tarverdyan of misleading the fat man”.

Cormier was criticized by a user for being unaware of Slack: “How you gonna be a former UFC fighter, commentator and analyst NOT knowing who Jack Slack is.”

To be fair to the legend, he did say that he wasn’t aware if the numbers were real or not.