(Video) Face off turns into a scrap stunning promoters

Oktagon is an international mixed martial arts organization based in Northern Italy.  Founded by Carlo Di Biasi, it attracts over 14,000 spectators a year. 

On the 30th of December, the promotion will have its 38th edition with 12 bouts on the card. The highlight of the face-offs was the incident that took place between Hassan Shabaan and Martin Pipek.

Both have recently turned pro. Pipek is a Czech-born mixed martial artist with one win while Shabaan is from Lebanon and has a single loss on his record. They are set to get in the cageon the 30th of December at the O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic.

The two got into a nasty brawl during their face-off. In the video, the two started wrestling after pushing each other around. Luckily, security separated them before any serious injuries could occur.

Combat sports athletes often get into scraps during face-offs, weigh-ins, and press conferences. 


In a similar incident, Russia’s Hardcore FC banned Timur Abdurakhmanov for assaulting Gere Muhamed. Timur jumped into the ring after Muhamed lost his match. 

A video shows them exchanging profanities and after this, Abdurakhmanov sucker-punched him. Because of this act, Hardcore FC permanently banned Timur. The promotion also got his boxing license revoked and initiated legal action against him. 

He stands to serve 8 to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

Abdurakhmanov called the organization a bunch of hypocrites. He said that they purposefully ask the athletes to do such kinds of activities so they get extra coverage.

And he’s not wrong either. A rising number of promotions are at a loss for how to promote an event so they try to go viral. A great example of this is BKFC’s infamous weigh in altercation in which one of the guys threatened to fornicate with his opponent’s dog – with the dog present in the audience.

Luckily the two made nice afterwards and the dog was unharmed.