(Video) Erin Blanchefield delivers a vicious kimura finish against helpless Molly McCann

Erin Blanchefield went into UFC 281 as the favorite. Blanchefield had 9 wins and a single loss in her MMA career ad age 23.

While she hasn’t faced many advanced opponents she’s certainly very interesting to watch. Blanchefield’s single loss comes from a clash with UFC’s Tracy Cortez at Invicta back in 2019 – by split decision.
McCann came into the event on an impressive winning spree, having knocked out her previous two opponents in an impressive fashion.

Blanchefield made it into UFC in 2021 and is now on a 4 win spree counting this vicious finish over Molly McCann.

Blanchefield had the upper hand from the get go. The two engaged kicks initially, McCann caught a body kick early and countered with an overhand right.

Once the two were on the ground, Blanchefield quickly passed to side control and demonstrated why she’s suck a scary opponent. She stuck McCann into a crucifix, raining damage from the top with McCann effectively incapacitated.

Blanchfield then focused on the kimura – initially McCann’s back was to the mat but she was stuck, for lack of a better word.

Unable to wiggle out of the vicious submission hold, McCann made the mistake of letting BLanchefield have room – which she used to snatch the kimura once again and took it all the way home. McCann was visibly red and in pain – but ended up tapping thankfully before ruining her shoulder.

Official Result: Erin Blanchfield def. Molly McCann by submission (Kimura), Round 1, 3:37

McCann was game about the defeat afterwards and even picked up Blanchfield to congratulate her.

Blanchfield told Aaron Bronsteter afterwards:
“Oh, you know, I mean, I try not to take anything too personal. I knew that’s how she was going to be. I knew that’s how the crowd has been react. So I know I can just maintain my composure and put on performances like that. So that’s exactly what I did.”

“I think that’s probably I think that’s my biggest benefit, not even anything athletically. I think it’s my mindset and just the person that I am allows me to put out performances like that. Under any circumstances.”

Bronstater asked: “I imagine what she said to you after the fact probably resonated with you. What did she say?”

“I don’t know. She was very respectful. She was like, look, I couldn’t get out of that crucifix and just congratulate me. So, yeah, that was nice.”

“You know, I mean, I have an amazing life. I have my dream job and I have an amazing family, people that love me so any small things like that don’t deserve any of my attention. I’m very grateful for everything I have and I feel like that’s why I’m very composed. And yeah, I always try to keep that mindset riding a straight line.”

Blanchfield called out Andrea Lee wishing to enter the rankings above the top 10.