(Video) Elephants turn on each other and then go at the audience during religious festival

In the heart of India, an astonishing event unfolded at the revered Tharakkal Hindu temple during a grand Hindu procession. The incident ended up leaving onlookers surprised and injured.

Thousands of devout worshippers had congregated at the Tharakkal Hindu temple in Thrissur, Kerala, for a sacred procession. However, the atmosphere was shattered when two majestic elephants named Guruvayur Ravikrishnan and Puthuppally Arjunan, engaged in a fierce confrontation.

The serene evening took a terrifying turn as the two elephants suddenly turned hostile. The elder elephant Guruvayur Ravikrishnan became enraged and attacked Puthuppally Arjunan. The two tussled for a while before leaping through the gathered throng.

Witnessing their altercation, the gathered crowd found themselves in the midst of chaos. The ended caused panic which ended up injuring numerous attendees.

Amidst the turmoil, Mahout Sreekumar narrowly evaded multiple attempts by the enraged animals to harm him. Despite sustaining injuries, he managed to escape and was promptly rushed to a nearby private hospital for treatment.

Captivating footage captured the dramatic confrontation between the colossal creatures, as they clashed tusks in a display of dominance. The sight of the elephants tussling surprised the crowd, prompting frantic attempts to control the escalating situation.

As the elephants rampaged through the procession, attendees scrambled to safety. The incident resulted in numerous injuries as people attempted to flee the charging giants.

According to authorities, the two raging elephants were caught around half a mile away from the scene. The two were finally subdued and restrained.

The authorities have launched an investigation into the incident to ascertain its cause and prevent such occurrences in the future.

In India, there are a lot more elephants kept in captivity. They are used for marriages and religious ceremonies.

With a significant portion of the world’s Asian elephant population, the country faces challenges in balancing conservation efforts with the cultural significance of these majestic animals.