(Video) DWCS Stand out once Head stomped opponent while grabbing the fence

The latest episode of the Dana White Contender Series featured an outstanding TKO finish in the main event in which Yusaku Kinoshita defeated Jose Henrique in 3rd round.

Yusaku Kinoshita, one of the winners of the UFC contract that night, came to the series on the wings of a stint in Rizin during which he amassed an MMA record consisting of 5 victories and 1 loss with that loss coming by way of disqualification for head stomping his opponent.

The Japanese mixed martial artist Kinoshita was disqualified during a bout at a Rizin FF event last year when he continuously stomped his opponent’s head while grabbing the cage.

Oddly, stomping is perfectly legal however the fence grab got him in trouble and marred his upto that point perfect record.

Kinoshita scored the victory at DWCS at the start of 3rd round when he threw a hard punch to the side of Henrique’s face. In the first two rounds no one had a clear advantage. The 3rd round was briefly halted due to an eye poke.  Kinoshita dodged a punch from Henrique and hit a solid left-hand punch on Henrique’s’ face.

This win marked Kinoshita’s 6th MMA victory, and he had just one loss via DQ. The other four bouts at DWCS also get exciting finishes, but none of them were as remarkable as this one.

The result of Dana White Contender Series Season 6 Episode 6 also featured:

Sedriques Dumas defeated Matej Penaz via submission in the first round.

Mateusz Rebecki defeated Rodrigo Lidio by submission through a rear naked choke.

Blake Bilder defeated Alex Morgan via submission in 1st round.

Viktoriia Dudakova defeated Maria Silva by unanimous decision.