(Video) Dwarves duke it out in MMA cage at the latest influencer card

In the ever-evolving landscape of combat sports, promotions are constantly pushing the boundaries with unconventional matchups. Spain’s FaMMA League recently made waves by organizing its inaugural influencer card on June 02, 2023, drawing inspiration from the popular Celeb MMA TV series.

The FaMMA League event showcased a unique blend of boxing and MMA, incorporating a range of gimmicks to captivate the audience. Among the attractions were bouts between TikTok influencers, singers, and divas. However, it was a bout between two dwarves that particularly caught the attention of spectators.

In one corner stood Mr. Peke, a prominent YouTuber and Instagram-based influencer, while his opponent, Alexito, was a well-known streamer. Despite being the heftier competitor, Mr. Peke was regarded as the favorite by experts.

The opening round witnessed Alexito employing agile footwork, attempting to elude Mr. Peke’s advances. Nevertheless, his opponent managed to trap him in the corner, landing several powerful strikes. Although Alexito appeared to gain the upper hand towards the end of the round, Mr. Peke showed resilience and quickly recovered.

As the second round commenced, Mr. Peke capitalized on his size advantage, utilizing his weight to control the fight. He successfully pinned his more slender adversary to the mat and executed a crucifix hold. At this point, Alexito submitted, and Mr. Peke was crowned the victor.

The crowd seemed to revel in the spectacle, reveling in the unique nature of the bout. However, ethical concerns have been raised regarding such matchups. Back in 2021, a debated event featuring Hasbulla ‘Hasbik’ Magomedov and Abduroziq sparked outrage on social media.

Reports indicated that the Sports Association of Little People of Russia condemned the event, deeming it unethical. Critics argued that these bouts exploited individuals with short stature, subjecting them to ridicule and mockery. Nevertheless, EPIC FC, another promotion, has not shied away from showcasing bouts involving dwarves.

In 2022, EPIC FC organized a peculiar matchup pitting a four-foot-tall dwarf named Majit Suleymanov against two female celebrities. Despite the considerable size disadvantage, Suleymanov surprisingly emerged victorious, triumphing over both opponents.

While the FaMMA League’s influencer card and the broader trend of dwarf bouts may entertain some, the ethical implications cannot be ignored. It is crucial to consider the impact on the participants and ensure that events of this nature do not demean or exploit individuals based on their physical attributes.