(Video) Dvalishvili carries Cejudo to Mark Zuckerberg and body slams him at UFC 298

The clash between Merab Dvalishvili and Henry Cejudo at UFC 298 etched itself into the annals of history. A display of sheer determination unfolded as both combatants poured their hearts into the Octagon. Ultimately, it was Dvalishvili who emerged victorious. He ended up securing the win through a unanimous decision.

Dvalishvili’s prowess was evident as he lifted Cejudo effortlessly, showcasing his superiority in the match. The Georgian dominated the former double champion, parading around the Octagon with his unparalleled strength.

The defining moment occurred when Dvalishvili approached Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who was sitting cage with UFC executives.

At first, Zuckerberg seemed overjoyed to see Dvalishvili come closer. In a jaw-dropping display of showmanship, Dvalishvili then slammed Cejudo’s body onto the canvas right in front of Zuckerberg.

The crowd erupted in chaos, and Zuckerberg’s initial thrill turned into wide-eyed surprise. In his interview after the match with Joe Rogan, Dvalishvili said that Zuckerberg has been Dvalishvili’s longtime supporter.

This victory propels Dvalishvili into the spotlight, positioning him as a serious contender for a title shot. The dominant performance against Cejudo solidified his presence in the bantamweight division. Dvalishvili wasted no time in calling out for a potential title match against the winner of Sean O’Malley vs. Marlon Vera.

The MMA community buzzed with excitement after Dvalishvili’s audacious stunt at UFC 298. The Georgian competitor’s surprising body slam of Cejudo in front of Mark Zuckerberg lit up social media platforms. The unprecedented incident sparked a frenzy, with fans celebrating Dvalishvili’s flamboyant showmanship in Anaheim.

Hardcore MMA enthusiasts were delighted by Dvalishvili’s original stunt, with some advocating for an immediate title shot. Others emphasized the respect martial arts instills between individuals. The aftermath of the match saw a myriad of reactions from fans, showcasing the diverse perspectives within the combat sports community.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Merab Dvalishvili really said “fuck your olympic medal im inbred and on EPO” #ufc298″

“Merab talking to Mark Zuckerberg with Henry Cejudo in a guillotine 😭😭😭😭”

“Merab Dvalishvili is the most delightfully insane person in the UFC and I’m here for it.”

As discussions of a potential title shot swirl, Merab Dvalishvili’s win over Cejudo at UFC 298 marks a pivotal moment in his promising career.