(Video) Dustin Poirier SLAPS FAN over “Your wife is in my DMs” sign

Dustin Poirier was just videoed in a viral incident with a fan.

After Poiriers bout with Conor McGregor was cut short by a terrible leg injury, McGregor taunted Poirier by yelling at him  “Your wife is in me DMs” while nursing his broken leg. This instantly became a popular internet meme.

Poirier was attending the Youngsville Mardi Gras parade with his wife and child last weekend. There a fan decided to confront him while holding a sign that was saying “Your wife is in my DMs” which clearly annoyed him.

Poirier proceeded to usher the fan closer before meeting him with a stiff slap. The video went viral.

Assault in Louisiana is an attempt to cause physical injury to another person – for instance, attempting to strike someone with a hand or object, and missing as per criminaldefenselawyer website. An assault or battery can be a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances and the victim of the crime as per the same source.

Some fans are still trying to argue that Poirier was justified in this situation. While the MMA pro may have lashed out, the slap clearly didn’t inflict permanent damage.

The star’s actions seemed to attract varied opinions from fans, some saying he had the right to act that way, others saying he was downright out of line.

One twitter user sided Poirier saying, “Chat sh*t get banged”, saying the fan got what he deserved for provoking Poirier.

Another opposed him saying, “That gives him absolutely no reason to put his hands on someone”. As mentioned above it’s a criminal act by US Law and the fan could take legal action.

Many fans took to quoting Mike Tyson’s infamous line:  “Social media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.”

The question that remains is will the fan decide to sue Poirier for assault? Will his MMA career be affected? Only time will tell.

Both the fan and Poirier could be seen laughing and smiling later indicating that the altercation probably won’t escalate to involve law enforcement.

Poirier is a beloved character in Louisiana thanks to his charitable efforts and long history of being a stand up individual so it’s unlikely this incident will cast a shadow over his reputation.