(Video) Dillon Danis triggers host of KSI face off into strange shirt ripping tirade

Dillon Danis has a gift – you could pretty much say that he’s a man internet loves to hate. He certainly plays into it at times.

Dillon Danis has gained notoriety as Conor McGregor’s jiu-jitsu coach. He interrupted yesterday’s Misfits 003 boxing weigh-ins and was involved in two different altercations.

The whole thing served to pre-empt the announcement that he’s set to face KSI (instead of Logan Paul) on January 14th in Boxing.

Youtuber KSI opened as a healthy favorite against Bellator mixed martial artist Dillon Danis.

KSI opened at -375 odds against the Bellator star that has been training combat sports for the better part of last 15 years.

Danis is a New York resident and has been prepping there while KSI is in UK juggling careers as a youtuber, promoter and amateur boxer.

The two recently took part in an online face off, hosted by Kai Cenat. Kai is a part of AMP – American content group that focuses on IRL challenges.

Danis and KSI bantered from the get go exchanging insults toward their respective moms. This was all more on themes we’ve seen before just observing them together on twitter.

But it was Kai who really took it to the next level. He got severely triggered when Danis pointed out that he was hosting the event in PJs at which point he went crazy and even tore his T-shirt in a display that can be best described as hilarious.

The whole hour long face off is available to watch online.

Danis comes from a grappling background but has always had plans to go into MMA and had trained striking as far back as his teenage years.

Not to mention that Danis told media he doesn’t even ‘need’ to train for KSI:

“I mean, it’s easy money, to be honest. That’s a little b**ch of a thing I’m used to fighting. A real fighter. KSI is not ready for this, I guarantee you. I know, because I saw. Watch.”

“Where’s he at right now? Bring him to me right now. If he was going to say to my f***ing face and a real fight, I toss him in a f***ing body bag. So what’s going to happen?”

“I’m going to hurt him bad. Well, like the photo part about all this whole thing is is like these little YouTube boxers, they’re going to see what a real fighter feels like he’s going to see. Oh, how about how about how bad we’re going to hurt him? Bad.”