(Video) Dillon Danis and Bisping have a shoving match during close encounter at MSG after UFC 295

Dillon Danis has ignited a potential feud with UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping a while ago. The former Bellator star, recently released after a boxing match with Logan Paul, took to X (formerly Twitter) with a now-deleted tweet directed at Bisping:

“Hope you have security on Saturday @bisping or it’s on, you know the rules.”

Danis left the tweet ambiguous, not specifying the nature of the ‘rules’ or the reason for singling out Bisping. However, it hints at Danis potentially being present at UFC 295 in Madison Square Garden. Danis was indeed present at the UFC 295 event, as was Bisping.

The tension between Dillon Danis and Michael Bisping dates back several years, with the UFC Hall of Famer using his YouTube channel and podcast to criticize Danis. Notably, Bisping supported Ariel Helwani’s description of Danis as a ‘wet fart’ after Danis withdrew from a card with KSI earlier in 2023.

The two ended up running into each other at the entrance into MSG, and had an interesting way of sizing each other up.

It’s worth noting that the two separated amicably and had a hand shake after their separation showing that the conflict was nothing but a bit of posturing.

Danis’ fate is uncertain despite the fact that he was the co-main on the biggest PPV boxing card of the year. The Prime card is confirmed to have sold 1.3M PPVs, outperforming Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia who sold 1.2M with their clash.

Depending on where the buys were coming from, the price ranged from 20 pounds for UK and 54,99 dollars in the US. It’s estimated that majority of buys have come from outside the US meaning the card earned at least $26M dollars and likely a lot more.