(Video) Derrick Lewis Beats Down Trash-talking Boxer Dojo Storming His Gym

UFC heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis showed his skill when a boxer who trash-talked him showed up at his gym. The man in question was especially negative toward the sport of MMA. In video footage uploaded to his Twitter account, The Black Beast can be seen destroying his opponent left and right.

Lewis and a friend were at the gym when an unknown wannabe boxer started to talk about boxing vs MMA. He then started to sound more toxic and the two agreed to resolve the issue in a boxing ring.

Derrick Lewis is well-known for his striking game but he’s often underestimated. The 36-year-old fighter holds the record for most knockouts in his division with 13 knockouts.

The second the fight started, Lewis didn’t think twice and immediately went hard on the wannabe.

He later took to his Twitter and uploaded the video footage with the caption:

“When a boxer said he will knock me out because I’m an MMA fighter.”

The MMA journalist Ariel Helwani shed a little more light on what happened during this fight. “Asked Derrick about this. He said a boxer at his gym was talking ‘a lot’ of smack about boxers vs MMA fighters. This happened yesterday. Lasted 1 minute, he said,” said Helwani.

Derrick Lewis headlined the last UFC card in 2021. He fought Chris Daukaus in a heavyweight bout. He won the fight via knock out – Daukaus succumbed in the first round. This victory enabled Lewis to break the record for most knockout wins in the UFC. Thus far Lewis has won 26 fights – he also has 8 losses and 1 draw.