(Video) Dana White walks out on comedian Howie Mandel’s podcast 30 seconds into intro

UFC CEO Dana White has decided to bid farewell to podcasts, leaving fans and podcast hosts in surprise. The unexpected exit unfolded during an episode of Howie Mandel’s widely-followed podcast, “Howie Mandel Does Stuff.”

During a recent episode, the veteran comedian and America’s Got Talent star was hosting White.

Howie Mandel showered White with an incessant stream of compliments, creating an optimistic atmosphere on the show. But when it was Dana White’s turn to speak, he surprised everyone by expressing his weariness with podcasts and promptly walking out of the studio.

In a blunt statement, White conveyed his sentiments by saying, “Thank you for all the kind words. I appreciate it. I am so f*cking tired of doing podcasts. I’m literally done with them. I’m not doing any more podcasts.”

The abrupt departure left those in the studio bewildered, with lingering questions about what triggered White’s sudden aversion to podcasts. The reasons behind this podcast fiasco remain unclear, and the audience might have to wait until the UFC 298 press events this weekend for potential revelations.

As the UFC CEO, White undoubtedly grapples with immense stress. Recent speculations suggest that the stress may have heightened due to the promotion’s struggles in securing a main event for UFC 300 on April 13. Although 11 bouts have been announced, the absence of a confirmed headliner has fueled impatience among fans.

Adding another layer to the mystery, reigning UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones disclosed that the promotion offered him the coveted spot at UFC 300. However, Jones ended up denying it. This revelation has sparked speculation about the promotion’s ongoing efforts to finalize a compelling main event.

While much of this remains speculative, the true reasons behind Dana White’s podcast walkout will only be revealed when he decides to share them. White’s sudden exit from the podcast makes fans eager for more insight into the mind of the UFC CEO.