(Video) Dana White reacts to presenter hilariously mistaking him for Joe Rogan an HOUR into interview

UFC CEO Dana was recently mistaken as UFC commentator during an interview by Sage Steele.

As the head of the UFC, Dana White holds a prominent position as one of the most sought-after interviewees within the MMA community.

During her recent podcast episode of the ‘Sage Steele Show,’ Steele inadvertently mistook White for fellow UFC personality Joe Rogan. The confusion led to an amusing yet awkward exchange.

As the interview started, Steele asked with genuine curiosity, “What’s Joe Rogan’s dream?”

White seemed to be understandably confused.

Upon realizing her error, Steele corrected herself. She said: “Joe Rogan, Dana White… what’s Dana White’s dream?”

After she seemed to apologize by tapping his knee, White took a sip from his mug and asked: “Did you just think I was Joe Rogan?”

Steele admitted her mistake with a chuckle, clarifying: “I totally did.”

Taking it in stride, White jokingly said: “She’s just called me f****** Joe Rogan, you thought I was f****** Joe Rogan?”

Despite the mix-up, both parties shared a light-hearted moment.

Steele acknowledged her error and said: “Yeah I thought you were Joe Rogan… no!”

White teasingly responded: “Just did a two-hour f****** podcast, I flew here from Vegas and she thought she was going to interview Joe Rogan, haha!”

The friendship between White and Rogan is evident, especially amidst recent headlines regarding White’s loyalty to Rogan amid controversies.

Rogan faced backlash in 2022, as early videos from his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ surfaced. In those videos, Rogan was seen using slurs.

Following the release of these controversial videos, Rogan apologized. However, he claimed that many of the clips were taken out of context.

Rogan even faced the threat of being fired by the UFC, as the company did not want him to commentate on their matches.

Despite this, White stood by his friend and threatened to resign from the UFC if Rogan faced dismissal.