(Video) Cyril Gane and Tai Tuivasa did a shoey the morning after UFC Paris

Cyril Gane is facing a lot of criticism for the back of the head hammer fist he launched at wobbled Tai Tuivasa – from fans and a different former opponent but Tuivasa doesn’t seem salty about the rule infraction.

Even after the alternative angle emerged showcasing what the fans long pointed to.

Tuivasa is still moving forward and had shared his first statement after the loss.

 “Shoutout to Ciryl, he was better than me last night. Or whatever night it was haha. Probably one of the best crowds I’ve ever performed in front of. The fans were crazy. Appreciate all the love. Shoutout to my team, my family that all came over. We’ll be back,” Tuivasa said.


Tuivasa had moved on from the loss pretty much instantly sharing a drink with Gane the morning after their must see clash.

Meanwhile Gane guested on a French Tv show and showed the footage of the two of them doing a shoey.

Gane’s own statement detailed:

“IT WAS A MAGIC NIGHT ♥️🇫🇷 Thank you so much to everyone who supported us, and who gave voice to make us live the incredible moments we experienced tonight 🙏🏽
Thanks also to my opponen Tai Tuivasa, who put me in danger like never before!”

This mirrors another interesting statement Gane had made after their bout – adding that Tuivasa is a heavier striker than Ngannou: