(Video) Criminally bad weapons defense classes go viral

In recent times, social media has witnessed the rapid spread of firearm training videos, some of which showcase dangerous practices involving loaded guns. While responsible firearm ownership involves knowing how to handle weapons safely, a concerning trend has emerged with the viral circulation of clips depicting questionable coaching methods.

For gun owners seeking to enhance their skills, proper training is crucial. However, the recent surge in viral firearm training videos has underscored the need for caution in selecting instructors. Hiring a coach can be beneficial for those less confident in self-guided learning, but not every firearm coach proves reliable.

Several videos depict coaches engaging in perplexing and potentially hazardous teaching practices. In one clip, a coach simulated a close-range robbery scenario, holding a loaded gun inches from his student’s head. The student successfully disarmed the coach, but a startling detail emerged – the gun discharged during the process. Observers noted the coach’s negligent act of keeping his finger on the trigger while pointing the gun at the student.

Another clip showcased an unconventional method of disarming someone using a cap. The coach suggested using the backside of a cap to snatch a gun from an opponent’s hand. This method, while portrayed in a controlled setting, raises doubts about its practicality in real-life situations.

A third clip, while not inherently dangerous, left viewers baffled. Participants stood in various positions, pointing guns in multiple directions without any discernible fitness or aiming benefits. The instructor’s seemingly arbitrary movements led some online observers to question the legitimacy of the practice, with skepticism about its effectiveness.

The alarming aspect of these viral videos lies not only in the unsafe practices displayed but also in the potential transmission of ineffective skills that could jeopardize individuals in real-life situations. As these clips gain traction on social media, it becomes evident that the selection of a firearm coach demands serious consideration.

Ensuring the safety and competence of a firearm coach is paramount to responsible firearm education. Prospective gun owners and enthusiasts are urged to conduct thorough research before enrolling in any firearm classes or seeking coaching services. By prioritizing reliability and safety, individuals can equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible firearm ownership.