(Video) Covington’s 911 call after Masvidal stick up published

Colby Covington had a brilliant performance against Jorge Masvidal. But in many ways the performance was upstaged by what took place in the weeks after.

According to Masvidal’s own social media account he had chipped Covington’s tooth following an ambush altercation outside of a Miami Steakhouse. At the time many, including Covington suspected that NELK boys Bob Menery was involved in facilitating the conflict.

Covington was quick to call the police and as a result Jorge Masvidal is staring down a number of legal issues that might hinder everything from his career as a professional athlete to running his promotion Gambred FC.

Now the 911 call has been made public. Take a look:

Despite publishing social media video ‘snitching on himself’, Masvidal has since proclaimed innocence:
“I come from a different place than many people and we walk differently in that place,” Masvidal said. “I am not going to let anyone disrespect my family. I can’t talk much because I’m being charged with three felonies. I can only say that I am innocent.” (h/t MMA Junkie)

The decision to make the 911 call met a lot of pushback. UFC hall of famer, Khabib Nurmagomedov called for a boycott of Covington and was one of the many who condemned Covington’s actions.