(Video) Covington and Tony Ferguson go from enemies to friends in a minute flat at UFC 296 presser

Colby Covington is poised to take on Leon Edwards in the headline bout at UFC 296. The two will be competing for the welterweight title.

Simultaneously, Tony Ferguson aims to break his six-bout losing streak against Paddy Pimblett in a crucial main card showdown. While these matchups hold great interest, an unexpected verbal tussle ensued between Covington and Ferguson at the press conference. However, the two are not scheduled to compete each other.

When asked about his thoughts on the welterweight title match between Shavkat Rakhmonov and Stephen Thompson, Colby Covington dismissively expressed his lack of concern about the match.

Ferguson interjected, claiming himself to be the actual main event. This banter initiated a lively exchange between the two combatants, evolving from confrontation to friendship.

Tony went on to say: “Shut the f**k up Colby, I’m the main event dog, I’m more American than you, homie, sit back.”

Their exchange oscillated between insults and jest, transitioning from challenging each other to expressing mutual support.

Here is how the next part of the conversation went:

Tony Ferguson: “Oh, homie you are in my weight class. Don’t forget brother, you are in my weight class, so you are next.”

Covington: “Kid, you are in the easiest weight class in the UFC, what are you talking about?”

Ferguson: “14-2, most knockouts, b**ch.”

Covington: “Six-fight losing streak, b**ch. You can’t come to a real man’s weight class, everybody knows ’70 is the premier division of the UFC.”

The exchange between Colby Covington and Tony Ferguson took an unexpected turn. Amidst the verbal jabs and taunts, a surprising bond emerged. Despite the initial hostility, both combatants concluded by showing support for each other.

Ferguson: “It’s gonna be the stars and stripes, they know they don’t belong here. Regardless if this f****r wins and I win we are going to keep that shit here, that was a compliment b**ch.”

Covington: “I’m complimenting you, too, I’m rooting for you on Saturday night.”

Tony Ferguson: “Alright, Colby, let’s f*****g do this shit.”

Covington: “Let’s go, Team America!”

Ferguson: F***k yeah, America, motherf*****s, here we go motherf*****s.

It was a very odd back-and-forth between Colby Covington and Tony Ferguson. But the two ended it with them rooting for one another and getting two wins for America.