(Video) Conor McGregor teaches son sequence Anthony Joshua used to KO Helenius


Conor McGregor recently shared a captivating video on social media, showcasing his dedication to teaching his son the art of throwing a knockout punch.

While some of McGregor’s online content has garnered negative attention due to his perceived narcissism, his posts often include heartwarming moments of him imparting basic boxing skills to his son, both in the gym and at home.

In his most recent video, McGregor can be seen providing boxing lessons to his son within the confines of a bedroom. In the accompanying caption, McGregor revealed that he was instructing his son in the techniques used by Anthony Joshua in his recent knockout victory over Robert Helenius. The combination he was demonstrating consisted of a swift jab to the head, followed by a powerful jab to the body, concluding with a devastating backhand strike to the opponent’s head, which is the decisive knockout punch.

The combination McGregor showcased may appear simple on the surface, but it is built upon the fundamental principles of boxing – precision, timing, and adaptability. McGregor emphasized the importance of mastering these basics, and he underlined the significance of being proficient in executing them from both the orthodox and southpaw stances, making it possible to face any style of opponent. His message to aspiring martial artists is clear: build a comprehensive arsenal, take your time to learn, and relish every step of the journey.


Furthermore, McGregor pointed out that a well-executed jab to the body, followed by a backhand strike to the head, is a highly effective maneuver in boxing, especially when both competitors share the same stance. It’s evident that McGregor envisions a future for his son in the realm of combat sports, and he’s committed to nurturing his talent by imparting invaluable insights into MMA.

Conor McGregor has been absent from the UFC octagon for almost two years. His last outing in 2021 resulted in losses to top contender Dustin Poirier. During his hiatus, McGregor dedicated himself to his recovery and underwent significant muscle gain, sparking speculation about PEDs. These rumors gained traction in the MMA community, especially since McGregor had exited the USADA testing pool.

However, as the date for McGregor’s potential return to the UFC draws near, he is working diligently to shed the added muscle mass. This development has prompted fans to ponder whether the allegations of PED use were unfounded and whether McGregor’s return to the octagon will bring about an exciting showdown with Michael Chandler.