(Video) Conor McGregor goes viral, ‘tweaking’ during interview

MMA icon Conor McGregor has been making waves not only in the Octagon but also in various other domains. From boxing to the alcohol industry and now, even in Hollywood. However, a recent interview promoting his debut film ‘Roadhouse’ has left fans and industry insiders baffled by his peculiar demeanor and cryptic responses.

McGregor is famous for his outspoken and brash personality, but he appeared surprisingly subdued during the interview. This prompted speculations about his well-being. His usually sharp and articulate manner was replaced by mumbling and weird behavior, fueling concerns among viewers. Conor McGregor was seen licking his lips and seemed nervous. In addition, he was swaying side to side and back and forth. This gave rise to concerning health theories.

This autumn, McGregor is scheduled to make a comeback to the Octagon. He may be competing against his TUF rival coach Michael Chandler. In 2021, McGregor faced off against Dustin Poirier. The match ended with a loss for McGregor when he sustained an injury. His most recent victory in the octagon came in 2020 against Donald Cerrone.

As clips of McGregor’s interview spread across social media platforms, fans expressed surprise and worry over his condition. Speculations regarding s**stance abuse (particularly cocaine) emerged among some followers. Others questioned whether McGregor’s physical and mental state would hinder his return to the Octagon. The uncertainty surrounding McGregor’s health and future in MMA has left many devoted fans in distress.

The incident has cast a shadow over the promotion of McGregor’s debut movie and raised serious doubts about his well-being. With his anticipated return to the Octagon on the horizon, concerns about McGregor’s ability to compete at his best have intensified. His recent behavior has sparked widespread debate and speculation.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“I see Conor had a couple big snorts before this.”

“Brother is on that dust that’ll make you see decades in the future”

“Ya I had a d**g issue at one point …. The color of his skin is the main tell. He is taking multiple s**stances not just coke.”

Conor McGregor’s recent interview has ignited a firestorm of speculation and concern within the MMA community. While the true reasons behind his behavior remain unclear, one thing is certain: McGregor’s actions have raised important questions about his health, career trajectory, and the pressures of life in the public eye.