(Video) Conor McGregor accidentally drops F-bomb live on television

Conor McGregor doesn’t usually apologise for the things he says, but this recent error had him going back.

The UFC fighter made a sizable $1 million charitable donation to Tunnel to Towers during an appearance on Fox News. It is a foundation which supports the families of emergency responders.

McGregor was extremely passionate while thanking 9/11 fundraiser Frank Siller, whose brother died in the World Trade Center attack while protecting others. However, it seems like McGregor may have forgotten that he was appearing on live television.

McGregor said: “Frank I’m honoured to support you. I wanted to say your brother Stephen is a f*****g hero.”

He then paused and immediately covered his lips. McGregor went on to say: “Excuse me. He is a hero, you’re a hero.”

The studio audience started to chuckle at the situation. And even though McGregor may have felt embarrassed, the way he dropped an f-bomb live on television was really wholesome.

McGregor then presented Siller with a $1 million check and the two hugged. Next, the topic shifted as they spoke about McGregor’s potential match with Michael Chandler.

The former lightweight champion has not competed since he broke his leg while competing against Dustin Poirier in July 2021. McGregor is now back in MMA since the last month, serving as a coach for the forthcoming reality show The Ultimate Fighter.

McGregor said to Fox News: “I’m hoping end of summer. We’re working towards late summer. I always train, I train everyday but I was filming the show and I’ve got a couple of commitments, this tour as well, this tour around St Patricks week. But when this finishes it will be isolation, I’ll go in formulate my camp.”