(Video) Comedian Andrew Schulz tries to resist Dillon Danis’ submission attempt

Dillon Danis has been causing quite a stir on social media lately. He attacked Logan Paul personally by targeting his fiance Nina Agdal.

Danis also recently became viral for his appearance on FLAGRANT.

Andrew Schulz shared a video on his X account, teasing an upcoming episode featuring Dillon Danis. The clip showcased a playful banter between the two, with Danis attempting to take Schulz down and apply a chokehold.

In the midst of the exchange, Schulz exclaimed: “You’re touching me with your mouth and kissing me! He’s like a fu**ing rhinoceros this guy…I got him right where we want him! I can’t breathe! I got his ba*s!”

Danis has been making the rounds in the media circuit, drumming up anticipation for his upcoming boxing bout against Logan Paul. Fans took to social media to share their reactions, expressing both excitement and curiosity about Danis’ appearance on the podcast.

Twitter was abuzz with reactions to Andrew Schulz’s post:

“This look super intimate”

“I’m ngl this will be fire”

“Can anyone interview Dillon without him fighting!? LOL”

“Bro’s had more fights in interviews than his entire combat sports career”

“This should be a good watch!”

“The episode we didn’t ask for but NEED!”

Andrew Schulz has an uncanny ability to coax his guests into revealing pivotal moments in their careers. It will be intriguing to witness what Dillon Danis chooses to share on the podcast.

Danis is no stranger to making waves on social media. Whether it’s needling fellow competitors, engaging with rivals, or his fans, he knows how to command attention.

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Danis divulged an intriguing facet of his income stream. He disclosed that he commands a hefty fee for promoting brands on his Instagram stories and other social media platforms. Danis said that he earns a substantial $15,000 per story and sometimes even more.

Danis remarked, “I don’t understand why no one understands how I make money and why my Instagram is so popular. I get paid $15 thousand a story, like more than that for a story or a tweet.”