(Video) Colby Covington gets heckled by Masvidal fans at Miami Heat game

Colby Covington calls himself ‘The King of Miami’ and he soared to prominence following his dominating victory against Jorge Masvidal in UFC 272.

But because of his behavior inside and outside the cage, Covington has lost the support of certain fans since that victory. The turbulence magnified before his title bout with Leon Edwards at UFC 296 when Covington’s distasteful reference to Rocky’s departed father sparked widespread disapproval. The lackluster performance against Edwards further dented his standing.

All this has led to an unexpected turn where he found himself at the receiving end of mockery within his own city.

During a recent Miami Heat game, Colby Covington encountered a barrage of taunts from fans. The fans asserted that Miami belonged solely to Jorge Masvidal, his former friend-turned-rival.


Amidst a chorus of boos aimed at Covington, one fan boldy stated: “Hey, this is Jorge’s city, brother. This is Jorge’s city, 305, Masvidal. Colby, goodbye. Do something, Jorge’s city, I don’t even know who you are.”

The incident was caught on camera and showcased Covington engaging in a heated exchange with a disgruntled fan. Eventually, Covington chose restraint and withdrew to his seat.

Presently, Colby Covington finds himself without a scheduled matchup. Sources hint at Covington recovering from a fractured foot sustained during his UFC 296 bout against Leon Edwards.

Covington said on the PBD podcast: “I broke my foot in like the first 30 seconds of the fight, that people don’t know about yet – the X-rays will start coming out. The first minute of the fight. I have the picture on my phone, the exact moment where it landed on his elbow. You feel it swelling up. At the end of the first round, you’re like man that hurts.”

“Usually I sit on the stool, and I didn’t want to sit down on the stool. Landed right on the right elbow, the top of the foot. I wasn’t really able to step on it, so that’s why he was landing a couple of kicks on my right thigh. Because my left foot was broken, so I was kind of putting all my weight on my right thigh. That’s terrible.”

Colby Covington’s professional record stands at 17-4, notably marked by a 2-3 scoreline in his last five matches.