(Video) Chinese UFC star Song Yadong competes at a wrestling tournament in US

UFC Vegas 60 lacked star power but made up for it with, well blood. This was the last time we saw Song Yadong competing. His eyebrow was badly split and he appeared to take it in stride.

Yadong hails out of China and has a Sanda background. Sanda is a combat sport system developed by Chinese military based on integrating kung fu into boxing and kickboxing. It includes wrestling as well. There are different variations of the sport but it’s most commonly practiced in China.

Yadong opted to recently measure himself up at a US wrestling tournament making for an interesting clash of styles.

Yadong is just 24 and has a record consisting of 19 wins 7 losses 1 draw and 1 no contest. He lost due to that gnarly cut back in September but appears to be healing well with no scar in sight.

The footage was shared on weibo and features Yadong competing in some local tournament in the US.

It’s very apparent that his sprawls are on point. Sprawls are one of the most vital parts of the anti-wrestling game and basically the key move to stop a takedown.

Yadong shows himself quite competent and even gets a pin on his young adversary.

The exchange is in no way one sided and Yadong and his opponent had an interesting clash.

Song Yadong is currently ranked at number 10 on list of UFC bantamweights. Considering he just competed in September he’s unlikely to be gracing the octagon soon.