(Video) Charles Oliveira post statement after loss to Islam Makhachev

Sadly, Charles Oliveira’s winning streak in UFC is over. THe 11 win streak came to an end after Islam Makhachev submitted Oliveira in round two with an arm triangle.

Makhachev was visibly elated to be crowned as the new champion of UFC.

And Oliveira was snubbed pretty much from the get go with VOlkanovski taking center stage and even entering the cage to face off with Makhachev.

He’s now taken to social media to express how he felt about the main event and what transpired.

Previously he made a short statement in the cage detailing it wasn’t his day. Oliveira wasn’t a sore loser and was clapping through the Makhachev announcement. Khabib Nurmagomedov also detailed there is no animosity with Oliveira they were simply confident in Makhachev’s skill level ahead of the bout.