(Video) Burgelar caught on camera stretching and doing an entire yoga routine ahead of a break in

An incident captured attention online, showcasing an unexpected twist in criminal behavior. Prior to robbing a local bakery, the perpetrator engaged in yoga stretches, an unusual prelude to the crime.

The incident unfolded at Phillipa’s Bakery, situated on North Street in Richmond, Virginia, on March 3. Identified as a 44-year-old woman, the suspect’s actions drew considerable amusement and surprise. Caught on surveillance footage, the burglar, clad in all-black attire, conspicuously omitted a face mask, opting instead to perform a series of yoga poses on the sidewalk.

The video quickly gained traction on social media, eliciting widespread amusement. Viewers were treated to the sight of the burglar meticulously executing yoga stretches with dedication and precision, demonstrating unexpected flexibility. Only after completing her impromptu yoga session did she proceed to carry out the robbery.

Upon gaining entry to Phillipa’s Bakery around 3 am, the burglar pilfered an array of items, including the baker’s shoes, an iPad, cleaning supplies, and a selection of croissants. The absence of any witnesses ensured her swift exit without detection.

Following the incident, bakery staff promptly alerted law enforcement authorities, leading to the prompt apprehension of the perpetrator. Charged with burglary, theft, and possession of burglary tools, she awaits her scheduled appearance in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in May after posting bail.

In response to the peculiar turn of events, bakery personnel took to social media to share their perspective on the incident. Expressing astonishment at the sight of the burglar engaging in yoga stretches, they humorously remarked on her apparent flexibility and penchant for their croissants.

“It appears that yoga is now a prerequisite for burglary. Among the stolen items were our irresistible croissants, evidently too tempting for this agile intruder,” the post quipped.

Despite the seriousness of the offense, the peculiar details surrounding the incident have provided moments of levity and amusement amidst the seriousness of the situation.