(Video) Bulgarian boxer calls opponent then tries to eat his phone

There are plenty of strange going ons in the world of combat sports but they’re not usually utilized by decorated champions.

Bulgarian boxer Kubrat Pulev has been trying to mtch his opponent Derek Chisora’s strange mannerisms as of late.

The two are set to clash at the O2 arena, on July 9th – six years after their first boxing bout.

The first match was won by Pulev via split decision.

Chisora previously told Pulev that he had a ‘hard on’ for him and considering he’s a Brit it’s hardly a misunderstanding.

“It’s like this, yeah. You’ve got Miss Universe there, you’ve got some Timbuktu chick somewhere, fat, smelly p***y, which one would you go for? Which one would you rather wake up for and get a hard-on for? I’m getting my hard-on for you,” he said.

“That’s what I’m trying to explain to you. So, you have to understand I am going to come, ferocious, vicious mate. I am going to come. The same way I came on the first time, the second time, for all my fights I’m going to come.”

As a response, Pulev tried calling Chisora on FaceTime.

Pulev begins the call by shouting before Chisora says: “They gave you my phone number, for what?”

“I am all the time in gym,” Pulev replied. “All the time for you, I’m fit in the gym now. I like to see you Derek.”

Chisora ended the call by saying: “I’ll see you soon, don’t worry.” He then hung up.

Pulev then shouted some more and ended up breaking the phone and stuffing it into his mouth.

Derek Chisora was perplexed by this reaction.