(Video) Buggy choke attempt goes wrong – Athlete breaks his own arm trying to choke opponent

A Russian MMA athlete was betrayed by his own grappling game.

A lot of unpredictable things can happen at any given time in the world of combat sports, even among top ranked athletes. The most recent case happened between Igor Konstantinov and Vasily Rudenko at MMA Series 54.

The Russian-based MMA promotion just had their major event last Saturday. The event was headlined by Viktor Kolesnik and Jonathas Cavalcanti. Meanwhile, Konstantinov and Rudenko were serving as one of the main cards of the event and competed in a welterweight bout. The pair were looking to make a statement in their promotional debuts

Igor Konstantinov made his promotional debut and entered the cage with a pretty bad record. He got only one victory which was in March after a 4 losing skid against Maksatbek Uulu Bekbolot. His other win was during his professional debut back in 2016 where he knocked out Ruslan Bagirov.

Meanwhile, Vasily Rudenko had competed three times in MMA Series. He is undefeated with a total of 4 victories before entering the cage. The 23-year-old also ended all of his matches via finishes, boasting of 3 submissions and 1 knockout.

The match started pretty well with Konstantinov managing to keep the rhythm. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long until Rudenko brought the bout to the ground, his field of expertise. On the ground, Konstantinov was doing well at first. However, he miscalculated and somehow snapped his own arm while attempting a buggy choke submission.

Since the writing of this news, there is no follow up confirmation regarding Konstantinov’s injury.