(Video) Boxing champ Ryan Garcia one step closer to MMA? Watch the boxer take first BJJ class

Boxing star Ryan Garcia is teasing fans that he will switch career to mixed martial arts. He said that his career in boxing won’t be a long  one and he might start wrestling very soon.

Many famous mixed martial artists have changed the arena and competed in the squared circle. Names like Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva, Tito Ortiz, and even Ben Askren have squared off in the ring. They easily gain profit as boxing is way older than MMA and clearly has the superior model for athletes to make money.

However, there are only a few boxers who decided to compete in the cage. This is due to the fact that MMA has a lot more aspects than boxing, which makes the jump even harder. The most famous one was former three-division boxing champion James Toney when he faced Randy Couture in 2010.

Another honorable mention belongs to former UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm.

Luckily, there might be another big star from the ring to switch careers to mixed martial arts. Former WBC interim lightweight champion Ryan Garcia revealed a possibility for him to make a jump over to MMA.

During an interview in 2021, the 24-year-old said that he is planning to retire from boxing at the age of 26 years old. But, he might do something a lot of boxers refused to do: making a mixed martial arts debut. Garcia challenged himself to do so if it means to prove that he is the best.

“You know what I’m willing to do? I really haven’t said this out loud but what I plan to do is—say, at 26, I’m done retired and boxing is all good. You know what I’ll do? If they say, ‘Okay, you’ve beaten everybody in the ring, right?’ ”

“But somebody goes, ‘This ain’t real fighting. Real fighting is legs, choking, submission, all that.’ Guess what I’ll do? I’ll go prove to them that I’m the best fighter all around in the world.” Garcia said.

He added, “I’m talking about hands, I’m talking about wrestling. I will go to MMA to prove a point that God is greatest and I’ll beat whoever in MMA that they say I won’t beat. If it has to be Conor McGregor, I will. And I’m not saying this to get money. I don’t care about money. I’m saying this because that’s just how I feel.”

The young boxer is still undefeated with a total of 23 victories. ‘The Flash’ is a knockout artist, and managed to floor his opponents 19 times pretty early during the match. Garcia is set to face Grevonta Davis and is expected to take place in April.

Garcia chose to learn bjj under the tutelage of Rener Gracie, as seen in video.