(Video) Boxer wearing undies with his wife’s picture instigates incident at weigh ins

A peculiar scene took place in Newcastle. The lead up to the event featuring a boxing clash between Darragh Foley and Blake ‘The Machine’ Minto was explosive.

The official weigh-ins were conducted today for the Super Saturday boxing extravaganza that will take place at Newcastle Entertainment Centre tomorrow night. The event will include 20 bouts spread over 10 hours, with Sam Eggington vs. Dennis Hogan for the IBO light middleweight world championship as the headline event.

However, all the emphasis in the run-up to the bout has been focused on the antics of the boxers on the undercard. Blake Minto entered the bout wearing a pair of jocks with his wife’s picture prominently displayed on the back.

That in itself was strange. However, Minto was about to walk into an ambush.

On Saturday, Minto will turn 30. His Irish opponent Darragh Foley was ready with a birthday cake for him.

Foley crooned, “Happy birthday to you…,” as he attempted to encircle his opponent.

With his wife’s picture on his underwear, Minto was having none of it. He left the stage in a fury.

Foley said, “That’s what you call a party pooper. It’s his birthday, look at this, look at the hassle I’m having to go to. I’ll have his cake. Hey Blake, this was for you mate. Come back on stage and share a slice of cake.”

After Minto said that he would contribute half of his earnings to a mental health organization, Foley also gave Minto a lottery ticket.

Foley said, “I watched a video and he’s saying if he knocks me out, he’s going to be very nice and going half of it to give it to mental health. Something that’s never, ever going to f***ing happen. So I wanted to put it into comparison by buying him a lotto ticket.”

“Plus it’s his birthday as well. It’s not every day you’re 30 years old. I wanted to give him an early birthday present. I’m going to give him his birthday bashings on Saturday, you can be sure of that.”

“But I wanted to give him an early birthday present. That’s how it came about. He has as much chance as winning the lottery.’

Local prospect Nikita Tszyu is featured in another bout on the event against Darkon Dryden.

Dryden is famous for walking out with the mask akin to that featured in movie classic Silence of the lambs.

Darkon Dryden finds it strange that Nikita enjoys eating liver and has a desire to make other people bleed. However, Dryden often enters the arena wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask.

Even though Tszyu acknowledged that s.

Tszyu remarked: “Now it’s time for the fun. All the hard work has paid off. The stressful nights, the overthinking, that’s all in the back of the head. Now it’s the easy part. It’s the putting things into practice mode.”