(Video) Boxer smashes into a cameraman, knocks him down from his post

A hilarious moment happened during a recent boxing match. Tervel Pulev accidentally pushed a ringside cameraman and dropped him from the ring.

Boxing matches have ringside cameramen to capture the whole moment of the match. These cameramen are positioned around the boxing ring, usually at various angles to ensure comprehensive coverage of the bout. Their main job is to provide the audience with up-close and dynamic footage of the action as it unfolds during the fight.

Of course, being a ringside cameraman is harder than other cameramen roles in boxing events. Due to being close to the athletes competing in the ring, they must have a keen understanding of boxing dynamics and be able to anticipate the movement of the athletes. They also need to be able to adjust their positioning swiftly to capture key moments such as knockdowns, exchanges, and reactions from both the fighters and the audience.

Due to this, it’s pretty common for boxers to accidentally bump into ringside cameramen. One such incident happened recently during a match between Tervel Pulev and Rolly Lambert Fogoum. The two clashed in a gala evening on March 30 in Bulgaria.

It was a pretty exciting bout. Both athletes got involved in a back-and-forth battle from start to finish. However, one small incident gained fans’ attention. During the intense match, Fogoum launched a powerful one-two combo. His right hand landed right on Pulev’s face. The impact surprised Pulev, who took a step back and lost his balance for a bit.

He got pushed onto the ropes where a ringside cameraman was standing. The ringside cameraman failed to get out of the way in time, resulting in the back of Pulev’s head hitting the big camera. Meanwhile, the camera man fell off the ring due to the impact.

From the sound of it, it was a pretty hard hit. The referee then decided to pause the match and checked on Pulev. Luckily, Pulev didn’t suffer any injuries and the match can continue. Despite having a little incident, Pulev was able to keep his composure. He kept performing a bit more dominantly and won the match via unanimous decision.