(Video) Boxer Ryan Garcia batters influencer Adin Ross during friendly spar

In a recent incident at the BOXR boxing gym in Miami, 25-year-old Mexican-American boxer Ryan Garcia sparred with streamer Adin Ross and fellow streamer N3on.

Garcia showcased his boxing skills during the sparring session, even knocking down Adin Ross with a body blow. This comes shortly after Garcia’s training session with renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. at the same gym.

Garcia had previously faced criticism on social media for sparring with streamers, especially considering his recent loss of an undefeated title to Gervonta Davis. Ironically, Garcia had lost to Davis due to a knockout blow similar to the one he used to drop Adin Ross.

The short training session with Mayweather seems to have had a positive impact on Garcia’s performance, as evident from his improved skills in the sparring session with the streamers.

Another incident that seemed to have taken place at the event was Floyd Mayweather pranking and humbling streamer Adin Ross.

Adin Ross is a 22-year-old streamer with quite a huge following. He took to Instagram Stories to share that he had a conversation with Mayweather. Ross also mentioned that a stream involving Mayweather is in the works.

Interestingly, Mayweather’s attitude appeared to shift as he was earlier heard telling Ross to pay him for filming. Ross had to halt his recording, but the conversation continued with Mayweather requesting payment.

Streamer Adin Ross has signed a significant contract with the streaming platform Kick. Despite Ross’s claims of financial struggles, he is reportedly earning a substantial income from his contract with Kick. This contradicts his earlier assertions of financial difficulties.

Floyd Mayweather may be returning to the boxing ring soon in an exhibition bout. He will supposedly face John Gotti III in an upcoming rematch.

Mayweather talked about the rematch in a recent interview. He said: “From what I’m told, we spoke. My team has spoken to his team and before the end of the year I think we’re going to make it happen.”